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The Six Biggest Mistakes Home Owners Make When Trimming Their Trees – Tree Pruning

Trimming Trees - Tree Pruning - Tree Shaping - Tree Crown Reduction Residential homeowners are keen on keeping their lawn with plants and trees, periodically clean their gardens and trim trees for unwanted branches and dead leaves. More often than not, they tend to cut their trees according to what they deem right to do. While their intention is good, as they see fit chopping a tree that goes against electrical wires or extends to next-neighbours, sometimes, their methods of doing so create more harm and damage to lives and property. Calling a tree surgeon to do the job is highly recommended to avoid such mistakes when trimming your trees. To save on paying professionals, homeowners forget that doing the trimming by their hands is a lot riskier than hiring an amateur. Thus, skilled tree surgeons are vital in preserving a tree’s health. This way also prevents accidents. Using unsharpened shears. A dull axe cannot save your tree. Using unsharpened blades will imperil the life of the tree if you hit the wrong part. Start with dying branches instead of randomly hitting the trunk. The unorthodox cutting weakens the points where a new fig may grow. It creates several wounds on the tree, leaving it less appealing and prone to die. Cutting the wrong branches. When you start removing a few branches, you become overly indulged. Removing the branches at random can damage the tree. Get rid only of the dead branches to keep your tree in good health. Fungus and bacteria...

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