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If tree stumps found in your community are literally outside your home, chances are these are the government’s jurisdiction. But inside your property, the stump is your responsibility.

In logging, where hundreds of trees are cut down, stumps get exposed when leaves and branches are shredded and taken away. But in the city, tree stumps are a nuisance to the surrounding.

Stumps are left out when people cut an infected, dying, or burnt tree. With the stumps still present, especially if you have one on your lawn, you will want to remove it for many reasons. But be reminded that stump removal is another tree work that requires systematic ways to eradicate.

Can You Remove the Tree Stump by Yourself?

Many DIYs on tree stump removal can be found on the Internet. With different techniques, some property owners try to handle the stumpwork by themselves. Using different tools to cut, claw, pound, or shred the stump, one will discover that it takes hours for a single stump to remove and leave the spot flattened. People sometimes resort to burning the stump or adding salt on top through holes to let the bark slowly disintegrate to the ground.

Yes, you can remove the stump by yourself. But it takes an imaginative mind to make the stump removal quite manageable.

Is it necessary to remove tree stumps?

Trees are felled for a variety of reasons. With the stump still in place, it can become a harbinger of disease, most likely when the fallen tree is decayed. It can invite and spread pests and infect other healthy trees. Fungi linger and thrive on rotten stumps, and this could be highly dangerous for lives and property in your home. In such cases, it is imperative to get rid of the tree stump.

Not removing the stump could damage your lawnmower. Old stumps eventually will be covered by grass. Such concealment still poses a danger because someone might accidentally trip over it and get hurt. More importantly, you cannot plant anew on that spot.

When it is better to pay less than pay more

While DIY tree stump removal is cheaper than hiring an expert, you will put yourself and others at risk. And if the method goes awry, you will find it more costly than getting the services of a tree surgeon.

Knowing the benefits of tree removal is also realising the problems behind leaving the stumps. Attempting to remove the stump by yourself without checking if the tools or equipment you will be using are the right ones for the job will only make the matter worse. Stump removal needs the expertise of someone to handle heavy and powerful tools. With the proper equipment, tree surgeons can remove the stump within a few hours compared to spending a day doing the DIY way.

Why hire an expert?

Fassfern Forestry Tree Surgeons is a tree care company that has people who can handle all kinds of tree works, including stump removal. Tree felling and stump removal are different aspects of tree service. But we can do both. Removing tree stumps by experts could save you from many problems. With skilled tree surgeons doing the work, you will reap the following benefits.

  • You will be dealing with experienced tree professionals. With years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of tree care, tree surgeons ensure that they can remove the tree stump safely. Life and property will not be at risk. Because they handle grinders and saw with care and preciseness, they perform their job like a work of art. They know exactly where and how to cut, protecting other plant species present in the area.
  • Safety from tricky situations. Professional tree surgeons know how to abide by local regulations. In engaging tree works on a certain property, contractors can ensure no pipes, gas, or electrical lines get damaged with their grinding machine.
  • Out of danger. Tree stumps come in different sizes, depending on how large trees are being cut down. Removing them is not done haphazardly but grinding the pieces without damaging properties like parked vehicles, landscapes, other vegetation and the actual equipment. But more importantly, tree surgeons that no life should be harmed in any way, including themselves.
  • Tidying up after tree work. Tree surgeons are professionals until the end of their job. They do not leave their mess behind. Stump removal will leave debris behind, but the tree company you hire sweeps up everything safely and effectively. If you do the job by yourself, you will be wasting more time perfecting until there is no rubbish left on the site.

Now, to answer the question if it is necessary to hire someone for stump removal? Well, we are the professionals and we for more information on tree felling and stump grinding, call us and get your free quote. Perhaps, you have decided the best way to handle your tree in your home.

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