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In an urban environment, once a tree has been felled, it is often necessary to have the remaining stump removed. Not only can stumps detract from the appearance of their location but they can also pose a danger. To remove the remaining tree stumps requires qualified staff with specialist machinery. At Fassfern Forestry we have two stump grinders which enable us to work on any site and on any ground conditions. A stump grinder grinds down the main body of the stump producing grindings in the process. We leave the grinding in situ to rot down. Initially the grindings will sit proud of the hole but as the organic matter decomposes, they will sink and typically leave a level surface. Tree stumps can be removed from most locations, from motorways through to forest plantations and small back gardens.

In some cases people opt to keep the stumps as it can be retained for habitat or a sculpture feature. We can also treat the stumps which is a process of applying a glyphosphate based weedkiller to kill a stump. This stops any future growth and the stump will decompose over a long period of time.



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