What are we doing about ash dieback?

Even though we’re still learning about the impacts of ash dieback, we are fighting back. We keep a close eye on the health of all our trees and woods.

We protect and maintain ecological diversity

As well as aiming to retain as many potentially tolerant ash trees as possible, letting nature take its course by allowing diseased ash trees to decline, we also improve the resilience of our woods to future diseases and climate change. We do this by increasing the genetic diversity of trees in existing woods. And when planting new woods, we use a mix of native tree species.

We manage and control the spread of diseases and pests

To help reduce the risk of importing new diseases and pests we only plant and sell trees that are sourced and grown in the UK and Ireland. We have also partnered with Observatree, a tree health citizen science project which trains volunteers to spot pests and diseases, helping tree health authorities identify and manage outbreaks early.

Source: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/trees-woods-and-wildlife/tree-pests-and-diseases/key-tree-pests-and-diseases/ash-dieback/