There are many reasons why you would want to cut down a tree. Sometimes you witness tree cutting in your neighbourhood, and you feel inspired to do the same. Looking at the tree in your backyard could mean thinking about if it is time to take it down. Although there are many reasons why you would want to get rid of your tree, sometimes it is because the tree is dead or diseased. But the question lies if it is a healthy time to cut it down. What time of the year is best to get rid of it?

Depending on your location, tree experts would recommend removing your tree during the winter months. Why this time? Before we answer this question, read on further to know if you can cut your tree anytime or not.

TPOs and Safety - Tree Felling

Trees are symbols of life because they provide food and shelter, and they are an essential part of a picturesque surrounding. But when they weaken, die, and serve as a danger to people and property, then it is time to take them down.

  1. Now you are excited to see tree contractors visit your site and begin cutting down your tree. Before this, these tree surgeons will discuss with you and check with the local government your decision to remove the unwanted tree. They will also look into any planning limitations or Tree Preservation Order (TPO). If the targeted tree is within a conservation area, it could still be under TPO.
  2. Trees can cause damage to lives and property. If your tree is a danger to your surroundings and is structurally weak, then it is best to cut it down before any harm could happen. That is why it is essential to have tree surgeons visit your place and inspect your tree. If it is deemed necessary, then you won’t have to wait for winter.

The perfect time to remove a tree

Experts say that it helps to cut a tree / tree felling during the cold months. Why cold months? There is no perfect time to cut down a tree but during dormant months. It is this time where leaves are scarce. In emergency cases where your tree appears too weak to stand on its own and could fall right where it could damage more, it is advisable to call for professional help.

It is easier for tree surgeons to cut dead or diseased branches because the frozen ground helps keep the tree in its place.

Perhaps you wouldn’t want to remove the entire tree but to prune it to remove limbs and branches that are dying. If the tree has diseased and wounded branches and you cut it during spring, there could be more consequences because the wounds might not heal fast. They will spread even more and infect other healthy parts. So, winter is the time when a tree is dormant, and you take your chances to prune or flush unwanted foliage.

Some trees are easily susceptible to disease and should be protected from the active transmission. That is the season where you shouldn’t be cutting the dying tree.

Saying goodbye to your tree and how professional tree surgeons can help

Though we know how valuable trees are to us, and taking them down after their years of service to your landscape, parting ways with your tree is sometimes a little less dramatic. Yet, it is better to cut ties with your tree when you know that keeping it will lead you to thousands of dollars in eventual expenses. And if it is a danger, you’ll never want to cause more damage when a heavy storm comes.

With a number of dangers, you should hire a tree surgeon. Tree surgeons are skilled people on trees. Sometimes they are referred to as arborists.

Fassfern Forestry Tree Surgeons has a team of professional tree surgeons that can handle all types of tree works. Whether you want your tree pruned or cut down, we can help you. Before that, our contractors will assess your tree and discuss with you the best decision to make. We also handle 24-hour emergency call-outs. That is, you can reach out to us when tree cutting has to happen urgently before the agreed schedule.For more information, call us or fill-up the form found on the homepage. We will attend to you in no time at all.

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